Rabigh Power Company


Who Are We? Rabigh Power Corporation (RPC)

Rabigh Power Company (RPC) was established through a shareholder agreement between NOMAC, Marubeni and JGC.  In September 1, 2014, RPC took over the operations of the plant for RAWEC.  Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity Company (RAWEC) is the special purpose company created to develop, own and operate the Rabigh IWSPP. The takeover did not happen overnight swiftly.  It took long and tedious years before its inception.

 In May 2014, with the increasing demand for reliability and availability of the plant, RAWEC decided to transform its current structure to provide focus on asset management and operations and maintenance of the plant.  With the O&M agreement, RAWEC partnered with an O&M Contractor to enhance its operations and maintenance activities. Then it marked the birth of Rabigh Power Company (RPC) in September 1, 2014 and took over the operations of the plant for RAWEC.

April 2017, RAWEC in partnership with RPC received BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD in 2016 ACWA Power Awards.  The annual awards are given to deserving plant management teams as key contributors to ACWA Power over-all success.

RAWEC with RPC was chosen as winner in recognition for their achievement which is the result of hard work, rigor, accountability and dedication. Just as important is how the project companies and O&M interact and collaborate, breaking down silos and working collaboratively towards collective wins.

In November 2017, RPC received for the first time in history the Integrated Management System Certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18011.  The achievement was a result of RPC’s great effort done through the period of a year.  The process required examining and documenting all its industrial process, management system documentation and closure from non-conformity, all of which work to identify corrective actions that eliminate non-conformance in the IMS.