Rabigh Power Company


Strategy, Vision & Mission


Our aim is to become a world-class utility company, providing reliable and safe operation by making each person a contributing partner in the business.  This can only be achieved when we: 

Understand and take ownership of the business, including the commitment to resolve problems, continuous positive achievement and growth; and Organize ourselves into self-managing business units and teams empowered to take decisions and assume the responsibility for these decisions. 

To this end, RPC’s management team has created a Strategy Map consisting of the following three main components: 

Vision – a high-level description of our strategic position, roles and advantages;

Strategic Objective – the most important aims to be achieved and actions to be taken to reach our vision; and Values – a set of key principles that create excellence in our day-to-day plans and work. 

The Strategy Map identifies the set of values – reliability, safety, team work, and service quality – that all employees will rely on to achieve the following strategic objectives:

-          Infrastructure development;

-          Knowledge evolution;

-          Internal process improvement;

-          and Financial growth.


Meeting our company objectives will enable us to realize our vision of becoming a world-class utility company.



Rabigh Power Company’s vision is to become a strategic O&M partner for RAWEC Power & Water Desalination Plant



Rabigh Power Company’s mission is to exceed stakeholders’ expectations by operating RAWEC Power & Water Desalination Plant in the most efficient and cost effective manner, without compromising on safety & environmental requirements.